Thien Chi (i.e. “Good Will”) is a Vietnamese non-profit non-government organization for training and social development. It was established in 2004 and was registered by VUSTA (Vietnam Union of Scientific and Training Association) in 2005. Today, Thien Chi operates in 3 districts; Duc Linh, Tanh Linh and Ham Thuan Nam, in the Binh Thuan province in southern Viet Nam.

While Vietnam has made great progress to reduce poverty there is still about 5% of the population in our 3 districts of Binh Thuan province (according to 2016 Government survey statistics) who still live in extreme poverty. Thien Chi is proud to have contributed to this: extreme poverty has been reduced by 75% thanks to our projects.

It is imperative that families receiving support are empowered to contribute to their own well-being and with this philosophy in mind, Thien Chi aims to support, rather than merely provide.

Thien chi has a dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic staff of over 42 employees delivering innovative support services in the areas of microloan, education, health, agriculture, employment creation to families who are living in extreme poverty. Working closely with community representatives and listening to the needs of local people, Thien Chi assesses local concerns and needs first hand.  61 village workers are also employed on a part-time basis and are a unique concept to Thien Chi – they live and work in the villages and closely monitor the progress of all programs. Their acceptance by the local communes and in-depth knowledge of family needs is used as a basis in implementing change and support.