Our partners

Thien Chi understands the importance of partners in building community programs and fundraising, so we always try to diversify the relationship with others partners.

Mekong Plus is an International non-profit non-government organization who helped to initiate these two local Vietnamese NGO’s, Thiện Chí and Anh Dương. Mekong Plus continues to raise funds (in Europe mainly) which are channeled to Thiện Chí and Ánh Dương. Mekong Plus has no other program in Vietnam. Thiện Chí and Anh Duong are encouraged to raise funds on their own and have been quite successful at this.

Ánh Dương (i.e. “Sun Ray”) is also a Vietnamese non-profit non-government organization conducting poverty-reduction and community development programs in poor and remote areas of Hậu Giang province.

Both Thiện Chí and Ánh Dương provide support for those households living in poverty in their districts of operation. Employment Creation programs are especially important in breaking the cycle of poverty as they provide skills and techniques to maintain ongoing sustainable employment and raise the capacity of families to increase their income. Current programs employ over 300 locals (95% women) and include:

  • Home groups: Hand-made quilts, cushions, rugs, water hyacinth bags, paper mache decorations and other handicraft items
  • Bamboo & Rattan Workshops: producing our innovative bamboo bicycles and bamboo handicrafts eg: bowls, vases, plates, trays, small tables etc and rattan sticks and decorations

Mekong Quilts are business entities established by Thien Chi and Anh Duong (with the help of Mekong Plus) to retail the community handicrafts produced through their Employment Creation projects. These social enterprise entities promote the handicrafts, introduce new designs with training to our home groups, research suitable markets and retail the finished products through shops in HCMC and Hanoi. All profits are channeled back through Thiện Chí & Ánh Dương to support ongoing community development programs.

Local partners:

  • People’s Committees in each district
  • Government Departments ( Health, Agriculture, Environment, Education, Planning and Investment)
  • Women’s Unions in each district

International partners

  • AVI (Australian Volunteers International): www.australianvolunteers.com
  • Placement of 2 Australian Volunteers: Sandra Robinson – Fundraiser Trainer (Jan 2103-Jan 2014)
  • Patricia Sansom – Inclusive Education Advisor (Jan 2013-Jan 2015)
  • Terre d’Oc www.terredoc.com
  • Mekong Plus www.mekongplus.org