Non Smoking Day

31 May is international Non-smoking Day. In developing countries, people may be less aware of the damaging effects of smoking and have little or no access to modern medical care.To raise awareness of smoking diseases and its preventation, this year Thien Chi organized 3 programs in 3 districts as following:


Ham Thuan Nam district: A bicycle race around Ta Cu Mountain is organized with the presence of  total of 105 racers and 2500 participants. This event attracted the participation of many local sectors such as district’s People’s Committee, province and district’s TV stations, Information & Culture agency, district’s Education Department…and the community.


Tanh Linh district: The football matches between schools and companies in the whole district took place with a total of 140 players and 1100 participants


Duc Linh district: nonsmoking3To respond to Non – Smoking day, this year Duc Linh organized marathon race. The race appealed the participation of thousands of participants. This event has left a good impression in the community about the “Non-Smoking day” Generally, all local people and authorities joined in and encouraged enthusiastically in any programs organized by Thien Chi. Moreover, many participants are cadres, and teachers. The program partly contributes to raise community’s awareness about the harmfulness of smoking, and strengthen the local solidarity