Nguyen The Quang – grade 2C supported with a pair of glasses

Nguyen The Quang who is studying at grade 2C, Duc Tai 1 primary school is born in a poor family without any cultivated land or rice field. His parent are working as daily labors just with a small salary.
After an assessment of family situation carried out by Thien Chi staff, Quang has been sent to Eye hospital at the end of March. With a favorite black pair of glasses which he selected by himself, Quang has no longer tried to squint to read book, he happily showed it to his younger brother. The smile always appears on his lips which is a great encouragement for us to continuously carry out this meaningful program.We visited Quang’s family – a small house with brick walls and a corrugated iron kitchen. After the preliminary eyesight screening in January organized by Thien Chi cooperated with the school and the selected checking, Quang was listed as students with eyesight problem (left eyesight: 5/10) and encouraged to be sent to HCM hospital for specialty examination. His father  was still hesitant with the thinking that “ Eyesight problem might be painful or not able to see anything. Quang is still watching TV and learning very normally, so I don’t pay much attention”. While his mother worried, but they can’t afford to buy a cheap pair of glasses for their son.