livestock1_1Paravets -To encourage a better variety of animals, Thiện Chí helps to train para vets and also provides credit to them to set up model farms. Vaccination programs are also run in co-operation with the government Livestock Centre. Thiện Chí staff also encourage new techniques in production methods with the local communities which will help to increase output and quality, reduce costs and increase income, and to be more environmental friendly.
Biogas systems -These methane gas producing livestock1_2systems have been successfully introduced into medium to large sized piggeries. Low cost, they are economical: the investment is recouped within less than a year. One system replaces firewood and thus saves about one tree every month. The emission of the dangerous methane gas is eliminated.
Egg Inclivestock2_1ubation – With technical training and advice from Thiện Chí staff, many successful ‘free range’ chicken enterprises have been established. The egg incubation technology has increased product output and the free range quality has increased the demand for these chickens. Thiện Chí now uses these successful egg incubation ventures as teaching and training venues for interested farmers from other communities.
Micro Loan Assistance – Tlivestock2_2hose poor households who obtain loans to raise pigs, chickens, ducks etc are supported with technical training, vaccination requirements, etc. Visits by Thiện Chí to assess their progress at made at regular intervals.