I love the quilts…

In a recent customer survey for Vietnam-Quilts 73 people responded with extremely encouraging comments about our products and services. 91% consider the quilts to be of good or very high quality, while 85% responded that the products were good or very good value. The service at the 2 stores is judged by 90% as excellent. Will you buy again? “Yes” said 82% of the respondents!

“I think you are doing an incredible job. This is such an innovative way to help people.” “As  a  quilter  myself  I  am  very  impressed  with  the  quality  of  your  quilts.” “Please tell the women who make them: thank you! It is one small thread that keeps me in touch with VN and my love for the people and the country. It means a great deal to me to know that my quilts are hand made by other mothers with children. I wish I could have bought more quilts while I was there.” “The service and support given by Vietnam Quilts are super.  I would like to have some of the business people here in the US visit Vietnam quilts for a lesson on customer service!!!” “… a fantastic organization and the most beautiful products”. “Excellent quality products, worth every cent.”

Today Vietnam-Quilts has grown and employs 200 women full time. Their income has doubled on average and they now have secure, steady employment they can rely on. This program is not only about income and quilts! The women are close to their children instead of far away in the fields. They have received health training and microcredit to install a latrine, a well and to develop other sources of incomes like raising pigs and growing vegetables. Our prices are unbeatable. Why? Because we want to sell many many quilts to give work to many more poor women. All profits go to support the social programs like scholarships, microcredit etc.

Visit us*, and you can buy online** as well. We accommodate specific designs, colours and sizes!

And to see for yourself the life of one of our quilters groups, watch the video:http://mekongplus.eu/images/stories/videos/2008-08-03_ca_en_256.wmv(5’30”).

From Vietnam-Quilts, 18-Oct-08

*www.vietnam-quilts.org, with shops in Hà-Nội and Hô Chí Minh City