Health & Hygiene for Community

In this program, Thiện Chí provides training on various health topics and assistance to improve the quality of life in local communities. Examples of successful initiatives include:


Malaria and dengue fever – Impregnation of mosquito nets together with community awareness programs on the causes of malaria and dengue fever have significantly reduced these diseases.

Worm infestation – De-worming tablets were issued to pupils and health centres and together with community awareness programs, worm infestation has now reduced from 90% to approx. 9%

Dental Hygiene – A program highlighting the correct tooth brushing procedure and the importance of dental hygiene is currently being delivered to students in 142 Primary Schools and Kindergartens throughout our communities. Thiện Chí has trained teachers in the implementation of this program.

Community training and awareness – Thiện Chí Health Team Staff deliver trhealth2aining according to the local need, but topics include:
• Women’s Health issues – breast cancer, cervical cancer, healthy pregnancies, birth control
• Lung Cancer – adverse effects of smoking 
• Cause and effects of diarrhoea and worm infestation
• Acute respiratory diseases and what to do in emergencies
• General health practices in the home.

Support for health diagnosis and treatment – Advice and assistance, both financial and practical is provided for those living in poverty and needing support.Read more .

Non Smoking Day: Each year on 31 May Thiện Chí celebrates International Non-smoking Day in conjunction with the community to raise awareness of smoking diseases and prevention. Some outstanding activities for this day are organized by Thien Chi such as: bike race, marathon, football match…read more

Support to build latrines, wells, clean water filtering systems – Community support to build latrines in Kindergartens, Primary Schools and extremely poor households in all districts has been well received, and continues when funding is available. Thiện Chí has been operating this program for over 7 years and now 25% of households now have a clean latrine. 50 poor households in Duc Linh will benefit from the clean water supply provided by Alum Water Processing Systems to be installed by May 2013.

To achieve successful results for the Health & Hygiene program, Thiện Chí always partners and closely cooperates with rural clinics, education and health authorities in the communities. Each year, activities for the Non Smoking Day are supported by Local Authorities who will often co-contribute to the implementation of initiatives which benefit the community.