Biogas Systems – Thien Chi has introduced the Biogas system which produces methane gas for medium to large piggeries. The eco-friendly systems are relatively easy to install, with many farmers now able to install the system themselves. They have a very simple operating procedure with minimal maintenance required: methane gas is produced from the entire piggery. The substantial saving in the amount of energy needed is helping to reduce forest destruction, and the farmers are also benefiting with reduced energy costs and a cleaner environment throughout the pig pens.
Organic Fertiliser – Thien Chi is recommending the use of organic fertilizer to farmers throughout the districts and has commenced production of organic compost to highlight the benefits. Read more …..
Waste Recycling Plants – These plants have been established by Thien Chi to address the ever increasing problem of waste collection and disposal. Waste is collected and sorted into recycling and compost basins. Recycling waste is sold and waste suitable for compost is treated and processed before being sold as organic fertiliser. Read more ….
Tree Planting – To help provide a greener environment, on average, Thien Chi planted 10,000 trees/year throughout 3 districts where Thien Chi is implementing the projects . Many of these trees provide economic support for needy communities and also promote benefits to the environment.
Water & Soil Contamination – Poor household sanitation is contributing to water and soil contamination in many areas. Support to build latrines, wells and clean water filtering systems is having an impact on changing village life for the better. Providing benefits of a cleaner environment with improved community health, increased water catchment and safer food supplies is increasing the awareness of environmental issues throughout our communities. For instance, in 2012, Thien Chi supported the installation of 245 latrines and 36 wells for those living in poverty. Installation of Alum Water Processing Systems in 52 households in the district of Duc Linh was completed in May 2013. As a result, over 260 people now have direct access to clean water supplies. Year and year, Thien Chi always try to find more funds to support for more poor households with clean water and other hygiene systems to make their life better!