Employment Creation

In order to provide more employment opportunities for those living in extreme poverty in the Binh Thuan province, Thien Chi has successfully introduced and implemented local workshops to provide ongoing, sustainable employment and specialized skills to local workers.

Hand Made Quilts – Thien Chi has established quilting groups in all 3 districts which provides job for approx.70 women. These workers are now highly skilled and making quality, sought after quilts. There is a ready market through the Mekong Quilts retail outlets in Vietnam & Cambodia: Mekong+

Bamboo Workshop – Another successful workshop has been operated by Thien Chi in Tanh Linh (2009) & Ham Thuan Nam (2013). Products made from bamboo, e.g. plates, bowls, trays, platters, vases, small furniture items etc are marketed through Mekong + in HCMC. This workshop has successfully designed and produced an innovative bamboo bicycle which has been well received. The bikes are sold in all 6 shops of Mekong+ and exported. Read more: Terre d’Oc

Rattan Workshops – 2 workshops are now operating in Ham Thuan Nam district. Rattan sticks used for inclusion with perfume and aroma oil products, are produced at these centres. Other unique designs, including Christmas decorations, are also produced on a smaller scale.

Incense Stick making – This small workshop commenced in Duc Linh in 2008. Through the ongoing partnership with Mekong Plus, this workshop has a ready export market and last year produced 8 ton of incense sticks for export to France.

sorting_employment2Waste Recycling – Currently, Thien Chi encourage farmers make the compost from they waste from daily wasted which can recycle, we also support for building the house using plastic panel to reduce the plastic waste, contribute to avoid climate change.





Short term projects – In partnership with local authorities, Thien Chi projects such as tree planting and road and bridge building also provide short term jobs for the unemployed on an irregular basis.