Thien Chi believes education is a basic right for all children and access to all is vital in offering hope to these communities for a better future. And, children are our main beneficiaries in almost programs at community. See more: our views about children’s right

Education Scholarships – By providing Education Scholarships of 500,000VND (approx US$25) per year, many families are eager to send, or keep their children in school. At risk families and children are identified through schools, local authorities and village workers and introduced to Thien Chi for assessment.


Dental Hygiene Program – A tooth brushing program has been designed and introduced into 142 schools and kindergartens. Thien Chi has trained teachers in the delivery of this program.

Inclusive Education – Thien Chi is assisting in the training of teachers to support primary school students with special needs. Integrating these students into schools and general classrooms with individual learning programs and parental involvement, is the focus of this project. The successful Happy Rooms which have been implemented in 13. primary schools, cater for specifically designed support programs for those identified with disabilities. Expert advisors continue to assist Thien Chi implement these special programs, see more: How fantastic…by Rick Fleming



Eyesight Screening – Screening of Primary school students is conducted annually. Those who are identified with sight problems are referred to receive expert medical diagnosis. If glasses are recommended, Thien Chi arranges for the purchase of these, and if further treatment is required, the student and parent are taken to HCMC for hospitalization.



School Libraries – Enhancement of libraries with purchase of books, resources and the establishment of green libraries.



Computer Centres – Thien Chi, in partnership with local schools, has established computer centres in 47 schools in this province and continues to provide ongoing support and training for teachers in delivering the Information Technology curriculum.



Improved Infrastructure – Thien Chi continues to support schools and kindergartens to build latrines, concrete playgrounds, and covered playground areas for students.