Gender equality & Sexual education

This program focus on promoting the economic independence and social integration of women and for a society where they have a right place. By this, the poor and vulnerable women attend to the need of their family and strengthen their position in the community through diversification and increase their income and better understanding of their basis rights. Besides, the development and establishment of a school Sex & Health Education curriculum for both boys and girls in secondary schools will educate the younger generation in women’s equality, and build a community with positive attitudes towards girls and women.

Activities are implemented to achieve gender equality at community:

  • Establishing key actors  who will join in the project
  • Training of trainer for key actors
  • Training sessions for local women and men with diverse topics: Basic human rights, Domestic violence, Positive thinking, Self awareness, etc.
  • Providing legal aid for men & women
  • Establishment of safe houses, happy families club.



Activities are implemented to achieve gender equality at schools:

  • Establishing key actors who are teachers
  • Training of trainer for these teachers
  • Organizing classes on life skills & sexual education
  • Organizing Workshops, & competition, etc.