Cuc, the new quilter

Cuc’s family has always had a tough life. Untill last year she was a worker at a brick factory, and like the others she endured the 3 x 8 hours working shifts. All around that place one could hardly breathe because of the gas and pollution… Cuc earned between 40 and 50 € per month. No holidays. But for 6 months during the rainy season the factory would stop, and Cuc would stay at home with no income.

Due to terrible working conditions and horrible consequences for the environment: the government ordered all the old brick factories to close. 120 workers like Cuc lost their jobs.

Mekong Plus has proposed her a microcredit to buy a pig and chicks, and to invest in her paddy. We offered her to join Mekong Quilts*, our social enterprise which has met with constant and increasing success for the last 10 years. Imagine: 310 quilters employed full time., who have doubled their income!

Cuc and her friends found it hard as it is a totally different work! They needed a lot of training and encouragements. With determination she has finally succeeded and has become one of the best. In December she earned 100 €.

*Mekong Quilts has 4 shops, all profits contribute to funding the Mekong Plus development programs.

Linh (Tánh Linh team) and Bernard KERVYN, 2nd February 2011