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2012: Installation of computer centres for 8 primary schools. USD 13,800

2014: Water processing systems. USD 5,720

2016: Building playground for 8 kindergartens in Duc Linh: USD 6,645

2016: Water processing systems in Duc Linh: USD 6,818

2016: Building school yards for 8 primary and secondary schools in Ham Thuan Nam: USD 6,773

Make a Donation

Only with:

  • $25 per scholarship, one poor primary or college student continue going to school
  • $50 per scholarship, one poor high student continue going to school
  • $136, one poor household graduate from the poverty
  • $ 32, one children with special needs access to better education
  • $68, one poor student has new bike to shorten the distance between home and school
  • $2000, one computer center will be set up for one rural school with 10 computers
  • $400, one poor household has a better house for living (with more contribution by community & household)
  • $23, one poor household has better hygiene latrine/well/clean water system…
  • $90, one poor people can access to better health care (diagnosis or treatment)
  • Other programs at rural community are waiting for your help!

You are invited on the programs



3You read our news about the programs regularly, but here is much better: come and see for yourself! I am extremely fortunate to live with the teams and to spend a lot of time in the villages. This gives me always an extra motivation to do even more. So we want to offer this opportunity to you!

We work in the 2 different regions in Vietnam : along the mountains of Bình Thuân, next to the sea side, and in the Mekong delta. We also work accross the border, in one of the poorest and most arid provinces of Cambodia, in a totally different cultural and political context. This is proposed program:

1 Arrival in Saigon, hotel.
2 Wandering in the center of the city, poor and rich quarters.




Departure towards Bình Thuân : visit of extremely poor households, who have managed to get out of poverty: rabbit farms, model vegetable gardens, new techniques for paddy (less chemicals, higher profits), biogas, patchwork, production of incense sticks for export, action theatre to promote hygiene, waste recycling, promotion of cashew nuts for fair trade… Sharing the life of the local teams. Night in a local small but nice and clean guesthouse.
6 Hotel on the beach, facing the China Sea.
7 Return to Saigon: wandering by boat on the Saigon river, water puppets, meal with traditional music, the patchwork workshop and outlet etc.




Departure towards the Mekong delta. Small rural hotel. Meeting with peasants, pig farms, eel and earth worm raising: how the very poorest, who barely survived with 2 euros/week, could improve their condition, namely with micro credit. Health education in primary schools. The people build small roads and bridges to develop their village. Action theatre against alcoholism.
11 Travel by boat to Cambodia.
12 Visit of Phnom Penh, the Royal Palace, the museum.
13 Visit of 2 small Khmer NGOs: micro credit to provide cows to the poorest, irrigation, vegetable gardens… Night in a small hotel in the provincial town of Svay Riêng.
14 Visit of a group who tries to help the villagers to save their forest against pirates and speculators.
15 Return to Saigon and flight back home (unless you want to stay with us!).


All travel would be in an air-conditionned mini bus Mercedes 15 seats. All hotels are air-conditionned. We aim at a group of 5 to 10: this would allow an excellent contact with the people and the teams, sometimes divided in smaller groups. Besides the air-ticket (approximately 900 euros from Europe) the cost is estimated at 500 euros for hotels, meals, and transport. Please tell us soon if you are interested!

We propose the period 10/2-15/3/2007 : no rain and not too hot. This is just after the Vietnamese Têt (new year)! Would you add a visit to Angkhor? To the Imperial city of Huê? We will give a quick feed back to every one who shows interest. Do not hesitate to make suggestions and to ask questions!

And after this trip? You will not leave us intact! Like us you will not be able to say no after meeting these wonderful women, who struggle always with a huge smile. We will be ready to assist you if you want to share your experience with your friends (documents, videos etc.).

Bernard KERVYN, 16/11/2006

Thu, the reward

thu2I have my frustrations and rewards. Traumatized by the lack of funds –which has forced our teams to cut their budgets and curtail their activities, I spend days and weeks on the Internet looking for new sources of funds. Exhausting.

But Thursday I was with the team in the villages, we stopped at Thu’s house. Small, made of wood and earth, iron sheets. Not a single piece of land. Her husband is a daily laborer. 2 children. Thu has only one leg and cannot work as before. «I have had the tuberculoses of the bones; the doctor said we had to cut that leg. He pitied me and did not take money for cutting it.

-But why could you not get treated before?

-The medicines were expensive, 2 euros per month, and I am not sure they were good. In any case we had no money left and I was not taking the proper dose. When it became too painful I went to the hospital.»

Here there is no insurance. A health problem, a house destroyed by a tornado and the whole family plunges into deep poverty for long. Nothing but expedients and the neighbors’ solidarity. 

«But from what do you live?

-(She smiles) Oh, we manage, my husband does good work, he earns 1,5 euro a day.

-What does he do?

-(Smiles again!) He is a daily laborer!

-There must be days without work then?

-Of course but often the people give a hand, lend us a little rice»!

We gave Thu a micro credit for a pig stall (8 euros) and 2 piglets (32 euros). Thu is a courageous woman. I ask her if she would not rather put a prosthesis:

«Well, how much does that cost?

-If your neighbors contribute, we will double the amount.»

She looks confident. I call Patrick at Handicap: the cheapest is at 40 euros. Manageable.

But the most beautiful thing is Thu’s smile! I left her my morale boosted!

Bernard KERVYN, 10/12/2006