Binh Thuan Province

Why in Binh Thuan province? Project sites

Thien Chi is today implementing all programs in Bình Thuận province. This province was initially chosen in 1993 because local authorities showed exceptional motivation and interest in inviting Non-Governmental Organizations to work in the province. The present Thien Chi senior cadres have now accumulated a huge experience and credibility in the region with local authorities and many communes.

With an increasing ethnic minority population and high level of poverty, Bình Thuận province has limited support resources to cope with the huge need in the local communes. In partnership with local authorities, Thien Chi provides this support offering hope for a better future to 38 communes in 3 districts.

Thien Chi has established 3 project sites in Binh Thuận Province – one in each of the following districts: Đức Linh, Tánh Linh district, Hàm Thuận Nam districts with  a total 23 full time staff and 69 part-time village workers delivering support services to 38 communities in these districts