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Why we want to share

Why do we want to share our experiences? We have 2 basic motivations:

Yes we are small – although we operate in over 300 villages, so we feel we must tell a wider public, and the decision makers, about our experience and how development can be done efficiently, at very low cost, in a sustainable manner. We are so fortunate to spend our time with the peasants of remote areas, to share their worries and hopes, their views are so enriching. It is a sort of debt we have with them, we must share with you. The short stories, reports and videos are the fruit of intense team work.
We have many successes and also failures and frustrations. With no hesitation we want to share them with all involved also in development work so that one would know what we did wrong. Maybe then we will all save time.

Our funders

AirAsia: for the production of Bamboo Bike in Ham Thuan Nam, equipment and training at the project site, with 360,000,000 VND  

BBGV (British Business Group Viet Nam): Installation of computer centres for 6 primary schools with 169,000,000 VND

USA Consulate supports the program for Women’s rights and sex education; it includes microloans and scholarships. 19,989 USD at Ham Thuan Nam (8/2013 – 8/2014)

DAP supports theschools for latrines, school yards, roofs  with 176,508,000 VND at Ham Thuan Nam (1/2014 – 5/2014)

Unilever supports 90 poor households to build alum water processing systems (Hồ lọc nước phèn) with 480,000,000 VND at Duc Linh (1/2014 – 1/2015)

Sai Gon Children Charity supports the home learning boxes (for children with disabilities) and 30 scholarships with 60,600,000 VND for Duc Linh (1/2014 – 12/2014)

Sharing International supports 17 single moms with loans and scholarships with total 77, 694,000 VND

French Embassy, Hanoi: Improving health for women and children in the rural areas (Jun2012-Jun2013)

Australian Consulate, Ho Chi Minh City: Providing clean water for 50 poor households in Đức Linh district by installing Alum Water Processing Systems (Dec 2012 – May 2013)

BBGV (British Business Group Viet Nam): Provision of 8 latrines for rural kindergartens (Nov 2012-Nov 2013)

AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam): Improving health initiatives for women in rural areas (Jul2012-Jun2013)

HSBC: Installation of computer centres for 8 primary schools (Jul2012-Jun2013) (2nd Column)

Children (Germany): community development

Aide au Vietnam (Luxemburg)

Fondation Albatros(Switzerland)

City of Geneva (Switzerland)

Chanel (France)

APABNBT (Belgium): respiratory diseases



Projects in need of urgent funding:

Education Scholarships for poor students
Interest free loan for poor households
Health care and health insurance for the poor
Cultivation and livestock for local farmers
Health training for local women
Bikes for poor students
Hygiene systems for poor households: Latrine, clean water…




Donations: You can help! Click here.

Non Smoking Day

31 May is international Non-smoking Day. In developing countries, people may be less aware of the damaging effects of smoking and have little or no access to modern medical care.To raise awareness of smoking diseases and its preventation, this year Thien Chi organized 3 programs in 3 districts as following:


Ham Thuan Nam district: A bicycle race around Ta Cu Mountain is organized with the presence of  total of 105 racers and 2500 participants. This event attracted the participation of many local sectors such as district’s People’s Committee, province and district’s TV stations, Information & Culture agency, district’s Education Department…and the community.


Tanh Linh district: The football matches between schools and companies in the whole district took place with a total of 140 players and 1100 participants


Duc Linh district: nonsmoking3To respond to Non – Smoking day, this year Duc Linh organized marathon race. The race appealed the participation of thousands of participants. This event has left a good impression in the community about the “Non-Smoking day” Generally, all local people and authorities joined in and encouraged enthusiastically in any programs organized by Thien Chi. Moreover, many participants are cadres, and teachers. The program partly contributes to raise community’s awareness about the harmfulness of smoking, and strengthen the local solidarity

Project Sites

Thien Chi and has established 3 project offices in Binh Thuan Province – one in each of the following districts.  A total of 49 permanent, full time staff are currently delivering support services to 38 communities in these districts.  

Why in Bình Thuận province

Thiện Chí is today implementing all programs in Bình Thuận province. This province was initially chosen in 1993 because Local Authorities showed exceptional motivation and interest in inviting Non-Governmental Organizations to work in the province. The present Thiên Chí senior cadres have now accumulated a huge experience and credibility in the region with local authorities and many communes.

With an increasing ethnic minority population and high level of poverty, Bình Thuận province has limited support resources to cope with the huge need in the local communes. In partnership with local authorities, Thiện Chí provides this support offering hope for a better future to 38 communes in 3 districts.

Our board

  • Mr Nguyễn Phú Hoành – master of community development (Chairman)
  • Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thân – Thien Chi managing director and Tanh Linh director (CV)
  • Mr Phạm Kim Sắc – doctor professor
  • Mr Đổ Tường Phước – doctor
  • Mr Nguyễn văn Giỏi – doctor
  • Mr Trần đình Quý – lawyer
  • Mr Dương Nguyên Khang – doctor
  • Ms Diệu Lan – doctor
  • Mr Bernard Kervyn – director, Mekong Plus  (CV)

Other key cadres

  • Lê Thị Yến Hằng, director of the Đức Linh Project (CV)
  • Lương Thị Phi Loan, director of the Hàm Thuận Nam Project (CV)
  • Vũ Thị Ánh, fund raising and vice-director of Thiên Chí (CV)

See our bylaws.

How You Can Help

  1. Donate online – A quick email to us ( with your donations details, will allow us to acknowledge your donation and program updates.
  2. Local Bank Accounts: If a local bank deposit is more convenient, Thien Chi has accounts in VND, USD and EUR. Again, a quick email to us ( with your donations details, will allow us to acknowledge your donation and forward our regular newsletter and program updates.
  3.  By purchasing a beautiful hand-made quilt or small lovely gifts made from bamboo, rattan, and water hyacinth through: you will be directly supporting our employment creation projects.
  4. Funding is required to continue our successful projects including: Education Scholarship Program – US$100 will support 4 children to attend school for 1 year. Interest Free Micro Loans, Public Health Awareness Programs, Agriculture Techniques & Training, etc all help will contribute to build the capacity of our rural communities living in extreme poverty.
  5. Contact us! For any fundraising activity, sponsorship, donation of goods or services…. or if you feel you can help in any other way, we would love to hear from you.

Our management team

  • Mr Nguyen Van Than, Thiên Chí Managing Director and Director of Tánh Linh district project site ( CV )
  • Ms Le Thi Yen Hang, Thiên Chí Vice-Managing Director and Director of Đức Linh district project site
  • Ms. Luong Thi Phi Loan, Director of Hàm Thuân Nam district project site 
  • Mrs Nguyen Thu Huyen Huynh, Vice-Director of Hàm Thuân Nam project site
  • Mr. Nguyen Huu Nghia, Vice-Director of Tánh Linh project site
  • Mr. Nguyen Nhat Hoang, Vice director of Tánh Linh project site.
  • Ms Nguyen Thi Ngoc Quyen, Vice-Director of Đức Linh project site
  • Mrs Phan Thi Ha, Vice-Director of Đức Linh Project Site
  • Mr. Le Pham Manh Hung, Vice-Director of Đức Linh Project Site
  • Ms Vu Thi Anh, Thiên Chí Vice director, Vice director of Ham Thuan Nam & Fundraising officer
  • Ms Nguyen Thi Bich Nguyen, Thiên Chí Fundraising Officer

Thien Chi management team (Photo)