Our documents

Thiện Chí presents various types of publications:Short stories: The voices from the villages. We want to share what we see and let you met the wonderful people we are priviledged to work with.Videos: Similar content as the short stories, but more fun!Reports: All our official reports are put online: reports to the local authorities, evaluations...Photos: All activities at the community are also recorded by lively images by our staff...More >>

Why we want to share

Why do we want to share our experiences? We have 2 basic motivations:Yes we are small - although we operate in over 300 villages, so we feel we must tell a wider public, and the decision makers, about our experience and how development can be done efficiently, at very low cost, in a sustainable manner. We are so fortunate to spend our time with the peasants of remote areas, to share their worries and hopes, their views are so enriching. It is a sort of debt we have with them, we must share with you. The short stories, reports and...More >>