Organic fertilizer

IMG_0257 It is estimated that about 50% of Vietnamese farmers are usually in contact with excess levels of chemicals and they also use erratic doses. This fact has impacted seriously on our environment and people’s health. Therefore, our agricultural programs always prioritise and promote the use of organic fertilizer and its positive effect.
Through training coutru bo phan racrses on cultivation and livestock techniques, the benefits of replacing chemical fertilizer and pesticide with organic fertilizer is highlighted to continue to raise the farmers' awareness. Thien Chi has established 2 waste recycling plants in Lac Tanh and Dong Kho communes of Tanh Linh district and is now producing an organic compost fertilizer. This compost has been analysed and is recommended to local farmers due to its nutrient content and high quality.
Besides, Thien Chi's agronomy teams also provide the training courses and organize the field trip for local farmers to learn techniques how to make compost by themselves by using biological products for organic wastes at their farm.