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$23 per scholarship, one poor primary or college student continue going to school
$46 per scholarship, one poor high student continue going to school
$136, one poor household graduate from the poverty
$ 32, one children with special needs access to better education
$68, one poor student has new bike to shorten the distance between home and school
$2000, one computer center will be set up for one rural school with 10 computers
$400, one poor household has a better hous...More >>

How You Can Help

1. Donate online – With the assistance of our partner, Mekong Plus , your donation will be processed. Please include in the Purpose or Reference area, Thien Chi as your preference and this will immediately divert your donation directly to us. A quick email to us ( with your donations details, will allow us to acknowledge your donation and forward our regular newsletter and program updates....More >>