How fantastic… by Rick Fleming

Rick was a volunteer to advise on the Inclusive Education Program: aiming at adapting the schools to disadvantaged children. He writes: "How fantastic it is that a boy who others said could not learn can now recognise letters and numbers. His Mum needs to be congratulated for her part in his learning process. I am so happy the mother came to your workshop and shared her learning experiences with your health staff and other parents. She is an outstanding role model of what can be done to help disabled children if your heart and mind is in the right place. Her knowledge and success must be shared with as many people as possible so that they too can learn to do what she has done and to promote the Home Learning Box (HLB) initiative as a positive program with achievable out-comes if delivered with patience and love. My congratulations also go to the staff and health workers at Thien Chi for their part in this success AND now another 5 new HLB placements AND now holding workshops and introducing the HLB program to disabled children through Anh Duong in Long My!! WOW!!!Terrific work by all concerned. (...)

Finally I just want to say what an  outstanding job I think you are all doing. I can find no fault in your methods so far. You recognize the need for change and adapt the program and yourselves to suit, you hold workshops for staff and parents, you are introducing the program to another district in another province and you teach your health staff as you see that best suits the program. Like the disabled child with a new HLB you are finding your own strengths and working on them. I am so very thrilled to have been a part of starting this program with you."