helping1 With the help of our local Village Workers and local partners including People's Committees, Women's Union and, local Schools..., Thiện Chí identifies families in need. Our Integrated Approach is implemented and assessments made by experienced staff . One or more of the following support services may be provided:  
Providing education scholarships The costs associated with attending school include: uniforms, textbooks, notebooks and stationery, school resource levies & extra tuition fees which many families simply cannot afford. By providing Education Scholarships of 500,000VND (approx. USD25) per year for primary and secondary students and 1,000,000 VND (approx. US$50) to subsidize the costs, many families are eager to send their children to school. Thiện Chí provides one scholarship per family per year with the provision that all school age children in the household are attending school. In 2015, Thiện Chí provided a total of 1,827 families with Education Scholarship support.
Organizing treatment for health problems If a family is helping2experiencing hardship due to health problems, assistance can be provided for diagnosis. Support for medical insurance, travel to HCMC for treatment, ongoing medication, the effect on family incomes etc. are all major issues Thiện Chí health staff consider when coordinating an action plan with local authorities and village workers to provide assistance to these needy families. In 2015, Thiện Chí provided health support for a total of 104 families. Besides, we organized total 133 health trainings for 3,539 village people
Providing trahelping3ining and interest free loans for agriculture, or to start a small business. Interest free micro loans to commence a small business can be provided as a way to supplement family income. This program focuses on women, and if required, training in agricultural techniques will be provided to support the new venture. In 2015, Thiện Chí had ongoing Micro Loans to an average of 2,969 households each month.
Mobilizing the community to help build better housing In partnership with the community and Local Authorities, Thiện Chí can assist those families experiencing extreme hardship with the provision of suitable and adequate housing. In 2015, Thiện Chí provided support to build a total of 27 houses.