Programs2016 - support detailsĐức LinhTánh LinhHàm Thuận NamTotal
Integrated approachPoor households:    
 Medical care4993391
 House building18122151
 Micro loans (monthly average)1,1941,0565292,779
 # of households graduated the list of poor259108122489
Training supportHealth, agriculture, women rights    
  # Health Training Days512933113
  # Agriculture Training Days11110725243
  # Women Right Training Days18361266
 Total Number of Training Days delivered18017270422
 Health - # People participated1,3278541,1163,297
 Agriculture - # People participated2,7663,0035826,351
 Women Right - # People participated4861,1693982,053
 Total Number Attending Training Days4,5795,0262,09611,701
Employment CreationPermanent Jobs Maintained:    
 Average monthly totals38202785
Education & HealthComputer Centres:    
 # of Schools8151538
 # of Student now with access1,8753,7723,8489,495
 Health in Schools and Kindergartens:    
 # of Schools32312891
 # of Students11,0119,77110,71631,498
 # of Kindergartens23181354
 # of Children5,7454,4233,77513,943
 Home learning boxed    
 # of children with special need are supported to learn29  29
 Biogas systems installed00 0
 Latrines installed93025118
 Wells installed0066


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